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A quality bucket set that's an essential part of the detailing process!

The new Autobrite Direct Detailing Bucket Set comes with all you need to safely wash your car and keep those swirl marks at bay! A strong 20 LT Heavy Duty bucket along with our Dirt Guard and the Gamma water tight lid gives you a complete safe, washing system for your car.

Product Description

The AD Detailing Bucket, the Dirt Guard along with our Gamma water tight lid are really quite something special and the perfect addition to your Autobrite detailing collection!

Built from high grade, heavy duty Polyethylene plastic along with strong stainless steel handle our new 20 litre Detailing buckets are an essential detailing product to keep those swirl marks at bay with our strong, durable Dirt Guard that sits very nicely at the bottom on the bucket. Our new Gamma Seal water tight lid gives you a tight seal when transporting liquids around and also makes a good seat too!

Your new AD Detailing Bucket Set will stand out from the crowd with the new striking, premium AD logo and also the colour coded lid and guard, our Detailing Bucket Set is the one to have when washing your car on the drive!


Product Features

  • 20 Litre heavy duty grade Detailing buckets - holds 20L of wash solution.
  • Striking new screen printed logo
  • Strong Stainless steel handle with comfortable grip
  • Strong Dirt Guard supplied
  • Gamma seal water tight lid supplied
  • Premium screen printed AD Logo on the bucket