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Automotive performance tuning is both an art and a science — a discipline that demands the quality and precision which we can provide in house.
The Dynapack direct couples to the wheel hubs and applies a precisely controlled hydraulic load. This method of direct coupling plus its built-in strength means the Dynapack is always in control of the vehicle. Controlling a powerful car on a roller dyno can sometimes be a daunting task. With the risk of the car coming off a roller dyno eliminated, improved steady state tuning and no wheel slip due to its direct coupled design. There is no inertia to mask the results, giving you greatly improved sensitivity, repeatability and significantly reduced time spent tuning and mapping!

We work very closely with our friends over at Link ECU - We are able to offer a extensive range of plug-in or wire-in ECU's to accommodate any vehicle. Link ECU's are the perfect engine management solution for internal combustion engines in performance cars, drag racing, drifting, and more – have a browse through our range to see which ECU would best suit your application. Our product range also features a wide variety of accessories including CAN Lambda sensors, the G4+ knockblock, oxygen sensors, boost control solenoid’s and much more.
Carlisle Performance Remapping

Power Runs

  • 4 Runs on our 2wd Hub Dyno.
  • Put the figures onto paper.

Dyno Hire

  • Want to map your car yourself? Have you the knowledge and experience with mapping standalone ECUs. Then this is for you.

Dyno Days

  • Run a car club? Or Just a few mates wanting to settle who's car actually does make the most power. Well, here you have it. Get in touch for a quote for a reduced price with dyno runs.