Glaco Roll On Large (Invisible Wiper)

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Need maximum hydrophobicity?

Choose Glaco Roll On Large, the strongest water-repellent invisible wiper the Glaco series. The water repellency ffect appears at 45 km/h. Great in urban-driving!

Protect all glass elements, no matter the weather!

You'll appreciate it in summer, as it can easily remove insect remains, and even in winter, as it makes it harder for windows to frost!

Effortless application

Thanks to its ergonomic bottle shape and integrated applicator, Glaco Roll On Large is super-easy to use and requires no additional accessories!


Contains 120 ml
Product reference 04107


How to apply

Make sure not to apply it on a wet glass surface, otherwise it may cause streaks and scratches.
1 Wash the car thoroughly and prepare the windows with a dedicated product – Glaco Compound Roll On or Compound Z, then rinse and dry the windows.
2 Take the cap off and apply the applicator onto a dry windshield. Apply pressure to the bottle to let the fluid out and rub it firmly onto the windshield.
3 After application, let the coating sit on the glass' surface for 5-10 minutes. After that time, wipe off all remaining liquids with a slightly damp towel or microfiber for best results.
4 Finish the process by polishing the glass' surface with a dry, clean towel or microfiber.