ECU Master ADU5

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Temperature range AECQ100 GRADE3 (-40 to +85˚C)
Reverse battery protection Yes, internal
Operating voltage 6-22V, immunity to transients according to ISO 7637
Enclosure IP 60, custom CNC machined aluminum
Connectors 1 x 35 positions, AMP Automotive connector
PC communication CAN BUS – Ecumaster interface, Peak or Kvaser
Display Type TFT 800×480
Brightness of display 5″ – 600 cd/m2, 7″ – 1000 cd/m2


Analogue inputs 8 inputs, 10 bits, 0-5 V, software controlled pull-up/pull-down 10K resistor. Al analog inputs can be used as a switches
Digital inputs 8 digital inputs, software controlled input sensitivity (VR, Hall), software controlled 4K7 pull-up resistors, used for engine speed sensors, Flex Fuel, wheel speeds, turbocharger shaft speed. All digital inputs can be used as switches
Outputs 2 low side outputs (switch to ground), up to 2A, 1 analogue output (0-5V) 10 bits
+5V Output Monitored 5V output for powering external sensors


CAN Interface 2 x CAN2.0 A/B, 250, 500, 1000 Kbps
CAN streams User-defined
Serial communication RS232 Rx/Tx, AiM protocols, Ecumaster, Hondata Kpro, Autronic
USB Used for logging to external USB memory


Light Emitting Diodes 15 ultra bright RGB LEDs
Accelerometer/gyroscope 3D accelerometer + 3D gyroscope for the analysis of vehicle dynamics
Real-time clock Yes, battery powered
Light sensor Yes, for automatic correction of brightness
Temperature sensor Yes, for monitoring device temperature